Our work

What we do

We work with the financial services sector to understand how to serve people well when they are in vulnerable circumstances. Our job is to ensure that well designed products and services are available at scale, everybody is aware of all the choices and financial services organisations can develop sustainable business models to enable them to serve this customer group.

  • We invest in organisations already serving those in vulnerable circumstances well – to help them grow and reach more customers
  • We catalyse investment in developing new products, services and technologies – supporting all financial service providers to better serve this customer group
  • Our research programmes generate a rich evidence base to inform policy and regulation – that supports serving people in vulnerable circumstances

Our key programmes

Expanding the provision of affordable credit

We’re working to grow the amount of affordable credit delivered by community finance providers like credit unions and community development finance institutions (CDFIs) through our:

  • Affordable Credit Scale Up Programme
  • Technology investments
  • Best practice tools and resources

Partnering with banks and financial services providers to increase provision of services

Major retail banks play an important role in a functioning market. We’re working with them and other mainstream providers to increase access to fair and affordable products and services through:

  • Funding community finance
  • Measuring financial inclusion activity
  • Research into best practice

Developing new products and services to address market gaps

Innovation is key to ensuring current and evolving customer needs are met. So we’re working with our partners to design, pilot and scale affordable and inclusive financial solutions through our:

  • No Interest Loan Scheme pilot
  • Solutions tackling problem debt
  • Other product pilots

How we do it

Our work is based on data and evidence to support the best possible design. It’s about finding solutions that work and supporting providers to deliver these at scale. Then taking that learning and sharing it across the financial services sector to achieve the transformation we believe is necessary.

Working collaboratively with a range of groups who are already active across the financial inclusion and financial services sectors, we follow this simple 5 step approach to find and scale the most appropriate solutions:

  1. Diagnose the issue/opportunity for focus​

  2. Discover what great solutions and evidence already exist

  3. Dream what a great outcome would look, feel, sound like​

  4. Design and build evidence and capability to scale existing and/or innovate new solutions ​

  5. Deliver, iterate and evaluate

The way we work with each group may differ, but our collective ambition is to increase access to fair and affordable financial products and services for everyone throughout their lives. Here’s those we proudly working alongside:

Who we work with