Over 3 million people access high cost credit in the UK

Problem debt costs the UK an estimated £8.3 billion

It’s estimated that 16.8% of the UK population are over-indebted

12 million people in the UK have less than £50 in savings

We’re working towards a fairer financial sector

Who we are

Fair4All Finance has been founded to support the financial wellbeing of people in vulnerable circumstances. Our ambition is to increase access to fair, affordable and appropriate financial products and services.

We are funded by dormant assets money for financial inclusion.

Our first focus area is improving access to affordable credit. Our aim is to build capacity in the affordable credit sector with a combination of financial support, capability development and ecosystem development programmes. 

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Our challenge

Over 3 million people access high cost credit in the UK and more than 12m people have less than £50 in savings.

Our challenge is to increase access to fair financial products and services to help people in vulnerable circumstances meet their day to day financial needs, absorb shocks and smooth incomes.

Collaborative partnerships

We are collaborating with a range of mission aligned groups and organisations who are working to improve financial inclusion for people in vulnerable circumstances. 

  • Government and financial inclusion regulators
  • Financial inclusion advocates & researchers
  • Financial guidance and debt advice providers
  • Affordable credit providers
  • Credit reference agencies
  • Commercial lenders
  • Housing associations
  • Employers
  • Technology for good providers
  • Insurance industry

Get involved

If you operate in the financial services sector and would like to help us in our mission to end financial exclusion, please get in touch.

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