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At Fair4All Finance we are a small team with ambitious aims. From time to time we seek external support to help us deliver certain specialist projects and programmes, or aspects of our core operations. We procure goods, services and works by requests for proposals or quotations, or issuing competitive tenders in line with UK government policy and all relevant legal requirements.

Current opportunities

Data Partnership: Consumer Credit Enquiries and Assessment of Characteristics

Fair4All Finance is looking to work with a partner who can provide data and analysis to help us better understand the characteristics of those seeking consumer credit, at enquiry and application stage. We are particularly interested in people who are more likely to be classified as being in financially vulnerable circumstances, often, but not always in lower income households. We anticipate this to be a multi-year partnership, potentially spanning up to 7 years.  

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At an aggregate level, we know there is currently an ongoing high demand for credit, but significant challenges for some people in accessing credit; as well as significant changes in how loan decisioning is undertaken with tightened lender criteria. Understanding the constant supply and demand pressures within the consumer credit market is critical to understanding customer needs and using this to inform our ongoing strategy development. We believe having access to a high-quality datasets and analysis will help demonstrate historical and current trends in enquiries for credit, applications for credit and outcomes of enquiries and applications for credit, and the customer demographics related to these trends.

We would share key trends and insights with key stakeholders such as community finance providers, mainstream finance providers alongside government, regulators and policy makers. Developing a close ongoing relationship with a relevant partner who can support us with data analysis and data presentations is preferable and we are open to developing a co-branded approach.

If you are interested in bidding for this tender, please do so via Market Dojo. Please go to https://gbsprocure.marketdojo.com/ and you can sign in if you are already registered or sign up for free.

The deadline for responding is 12pm 6 March 2024. If you have questions, please submit these via Market Dojo and a member of the team will respond.

Closing date : 06/03/2024

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