Michael Hilton

Three Hands Insight

Michael is a Director at Three Hands Insight, a mission-driven business which brings the voices of charities and lived experts into businesses to improve life for vulnerable and underserved customers.

He loves hosting discussions amongst people who wouldn’t normally be in a room together and seeing the different energy, ideas and connections that emerge.

He has played a key part in the development of Three Hands’ social insight work since he joined the business in 2018. This has included creating the Lived Experts Research Community which includes over 200 people from all over the UK who are willing to share their experiences of a range of different ‘vulnerable circumstances’.

Before Three Hands, Michael studied History at Cambridge University and worked in the UK Government, including roles in innovation and climate policy. He then spent a year with A Blueprint For Better Business, learning about how having a purpose to serve society can transform a company.

He is kept very busy by his two young boys, Charlie and Flynn, and tries to watch and play as much cricket as possible in any time that remains.