Harry Davies

Principal, PRI Investments, Ceniarth

Harry Davies is a Principal at Ceniarth, where he helps lead on organisation-wide strategy, impact management and pipeline origination. Ceniarth is the impact-first, single-family office of Diane Isenberg and focuses on investments that benefit underserved communities globally.

Together with the Isenberg Family Charitable Foundation, we deploy capital to funds, financial intermediaries, and social enterprises that support marginalized and vulnerable populations. We invest with non-profits, for-profits, and hybrid organizations with an emphasis on sectors such as agriculture, affordable housing, financial inclusion, and climate justice. We prioritize investments that are catalytic in nature and may require flexibility on risk and return parameters.

Prior to joining Ceniarth, Harry worked extensively across Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia helping to design and scale inclusive business models that can improve outcomes for low-income groups.