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At Fair4All Finance we are a small team with ambitious aims. We will from time to time seek external support to help us deliver certain specialist projects and programmes, or aspects of our core operations. We procure goods, services and works by requests for proposals or quotations, or issuing competitive tenders in line with UK government policy and all relevant legal requirements.


Research into what we can learn from retail banking practices during Covid-19 

Fair4All Finance is seeking a provider to research the provisions that retail banking lenders put in place to support customers through the financial shocks that they faced because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Broadly, this work should seek to detail the different support measures put in place, the customer demographics reached, and the impact these interventions had on customer financial wellbeing and overall wellbeing. The research should be framed around the different operational and financial implications it had for retail banking providers.

Insights from this work will be used by Fair4AllFinance and partners to inform how mainstream banks can take learnings from the temporary measures and best serve customers who are classified as financially vulnerable in the long-term. The insights will help to formulate recommendations at the product and policy level.

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The total budget for this piece of work is £100,000 including VAT, travel and all other expenses. If you believe a higher budget is required, please get in touch to discuss further.

To respond to this Request for proposals, please email a proposal of no more than 6 to 8 pages to by1 November 2021. 

Please send any clarification questions you have to by 20 October 2021.