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At Fair4All Finance we are a small team with ambitious aims. We will from time to time seek external support to help us deliver certain specialist projects and programmes, or aspects of our core operations. We procure goods, services and works by requests for proposals or quotations, or issuing competitive tenders in line with UK government policy and all relevant legal requirements.


We currently have two opportunities available:

No Interest Loan Scheme and other innovative affordable finance solutions

We are seeking partners to co-design, pilot and then scale up innovative affordable finance products targeted at people in vulnerable circumstances.

The first pilot is a no interest loans scheme (NILS) to be delivered in six locations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The HM Treasury backed NILS pilot is an opportunity to improve credit provision for customers who don’t currently have access to a fair credit option, who are excluded from credit because they cannot afford the interest and the principal, but could afford principal repayments; or who do not meet lending criteria for other reasons but where there is a societal benefit to lending to them responsibly.

Equivalent services have been in place internationally for a long time but no scaled provision exists in the UK.

We hope that the pilot results in a positive set of outcomes for customers, and also for the partners who help to deliver the programme. One of our objectives for the pilot is that it strengthens overall affordable credit provision in the UK. Bid opportunities are divided into geographic lots with options to bid for more than one lot or all lots.

We are also seeking partners to work with us on wider innovative product development initiatives leading to pilot implementation and scaled up delivery. This is covered in a separate lot, initially focussed on England, but with the option to be extended beyond. This may encompass the development, piloting and scaling of:

  • Solutions tackling problem debt
  • Solutions tackling appliance poverty
  • Insurance products specifically designed for low income households
  • Savings products and credit builder products
  • Alternative and fair versions of buy now, pay later (BNPL) lending
  • Revolving credit products or ethical overdraft products
  • Car financing and other products to enable economic livelihood to improve
  • Hire purchase or conditional sale products
  • Fair and accessible credit cards

Other lending products which may also be coupled with complementary products eg savings, credit builder products, insurance offerings and more.

Therefore, we are seeking partner organisations who share the vision of a credit market which can provide a fair and affordable option for all customers. Stringent tests are included in our procurement about bidders track record with the customers we are targeting and their commitment to delivering these contracts within the interests of the customer coming first.

The contracts are set up to be capable of being extended for a further 5 years after the initial development and piloting period and these extensions are dependent on our funding partners contributing beyond the initial term and would be entered into by mutual consent.

The tender documents comprise:

To respond to this Invitation to Tender you will need to be registered on our e-tendering system, which is administered by Market Dojo. You can view this opportunity and register on Market Dojo here.

The tender submission deadline is Monday 14 February 2022 (by 1pm GMT). Any clarification questions relating to the procurement process or tender documents must be submitted through the messaging function on Market Dojo by Wednesday 19 January 2022 (by 1pm GMT).


Fund Management Services for our Affordable Credit Debt Fund

Fair4All Finance is seeking an organisation(s), to provide Fund Management services, including regulatory host Alternative Investment Fund Management (AIFM) services as well as Fund Administration and any other services required to implement, launch and manage our Affordable Credit Debt Fund. This initial contract will be for a minimum period of 18 months with an option to extend based on mutual agreement.

Our pioneering Affordable Credit Debt Fund has two primary objectives:

  1. Significantly increase the provision of much-needed affordable credit to customers in need
    • This will enable Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), social fintechs and other social lenders to access the capital needed to grow their loan books
  2. Creating the conditions for banks to lend directly to community finance providers in the future
    • Most banks do not typically serve this sector due to perceived risks and a lack of profitability
    • The Debt Fund is an opportunity for banks to address the recommendation raised by the FCA in The Woolard Review (2021). Specifically, to overcome the barriers to serving this market
    • Investment from the debt fund will allow CDFIs, social fintechs and other social lenders to build greater scale, profitability and track record of taking on finance. This should therefore enable banks to be confident about investing in CDFIs and social lenders

Download the full request for proposal documents. The tender documents comprise:

Document 1 Invitation to Tender (ITT) (Information, and Instructions – this document)
Document 2 Specification (Fair4All Finance overview and debt fund specification)
Document 3 Tender Submission Document (Submission document to be completed by all tenders)
Document 4 NDA Template

To respond to this tender, you will need to be registered on our e-tendering system which is administered by Market Dojo. To view the opportunity please click on the following link:

The tender submission deadline is Friday 17 December (by 5pm GMT). Any clarification questions relating to the procurement process or tender documents must be submitted through the messaging function on Market Dojo. The deadline for any clarification questions is Wednesday 8 December (by 5pm GMT).