Expressions of Interest

Support the financial wellbeing of people in vulnerable circumstances

We recently produced our inaugural strategy after a period of in-depth insight and evidence gathering in order to discover what good work is already happening in the sector. Our initial focus is addressing the problem of access to affordable credit by providing support and funding for the affordable credit market. 


Secondment Opportunity – Interim Director of Operational Excellence
Fair4All Finance is seeking to partner with an organisation to provide a secondee to the role of Interim Director of Operational Excellence, for a four-month period. The Interim Director of Operational Excellence will lead ondevelopingthe capability and appetite of providers of financial services (and those providing systems and support to them) to deliver appropriate and attractive financial products and services to people in vulnerable circumstances with sustainable business models.  
 We are looking for an experienced secondee who is available from the week beginning 13th July 2020 to help deliver on key programme commitments over the summer, whilst we recruit a permanent candidate to the role.
 If you have a suitable candidate for the role and are in a position to submit a proposal, please contact Becky Claydon, Director of Operations, via email at to request further information on the role and the quote request documentation. The deadline for quote submissions is 5pm Friday 3rd July 2020.


We live the following values

We are inclusive
We want to work in partnership with others who have experience and expertise and share what we have; we do not want to duplicate work done by others
We are transparent
We are open and invite contribution in all we do
We are purpose orientated
We operate with the needs of vulnerable people at the heart of everything we do
We have a service mentality
We operate with humility and provide a practical commercial service to those seeking to improve financial inclusion
We are agile and innovative
We iterate potential solutions rather than designing for perfection
We work holistically
We seek to understand the problems we are trying to solve from both the viewpoint of the whole system and the individual effected